Palanite Enforcer Patrol box- A perfect Stargrave crew?

A little while ago I bought a Palanite Enforcer Patrol box for Games Workshop’s Necromunda, though I had no intention of playing the game. (After playing a test game, the system just didn’t gel with me). I built my enforcers, painted them and quickly lost interest, moving onto other hobby projects which captured my imagination. After a little time, I got the miniatures out again but stripped and re-purposed them for a hobby challenge at my local club. Now acting as retinue for a custom inquisitor, they got another few days in the sun before again getting put to one side in favour of a new project. Until now…

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Discovering Frostgrave 2nd Edition

About a month or so ago while browsing YouTube, I stumbled upon a interesting table top Fantasy skirmish game that really caught my imagination. The game is called Frostgrave and features players controlling a party of adventurers, headed by a wizard and wizard’s apprentice as they battle not only the other player, but also A.I. controlled monsters in an attempt to find treasure. Though characters share similar starting stat profiles, ten different schools of magic with a vast amount of spell options mean you can really make something that feels unique. This elegant simplicity (to start) yet complexity really appeals. I’ve not yet had chance to play sadly, but I’m really excited for this one so wanted to bring it to your attention, as well as show off some of the minis I’ve been working on for it.

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