Finishing Hobby Projects- A Productive Sunday

I’ve been juggling a couple of projects for a bit which have been quite slow going. On Sunday I got all of these out so I could review where I was up to and what needed to be done to get them over the finish line. In the end, I spent approximately 9 hours working on the Ironclad for my Kharadron Overlords, as well as the Vehicles from the eBay Grey Knights project. I can now say happily that these projects are more or less complete

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Grey Knight eBay rescue project- Progress so far

A couple months back I got a pretty good deal on a bunch of grey knights from eBay which where in very good condition. Since receiving them in the post I’ve been working on them here and there. As I have had some unexpected free time this afternoon, I wanted to use it and give a quick update on my progress. These miniatures are still W.I.P but a status update on this project is long overdue. With that said, here is the collection as it currently stands.

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eBay rescue project- Grey Knights

I have a habit of skimming through eBay for miniatures while bored. As many of you who share this trait know, a lot of the time offerings are overpriced or just not worth looking at. Sometimes you do find a bargain though and I did just that with this Grey Knight army. I was able to get the collection for a very good price and within a few days, my new hobby project had arrived!

Though I’ve a few other things in the works at the moment, I was too excited to not make a start on these and so decided to document my progress.

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They Come Back! The Legions of Nagash Project is Finished.

This last week saw me finally close out work on the Legions of Nagash project and I’m very happy to be able to present the finished army. I found the army on eBay last October and decided it would be a great introduction for my girlfriend into Warhammer Table top. Since receiving the army, I’ve made numerous repairs and tweaks, built the unbuilt kits which it came with and painted/ based all units. It’s been challenging and yet a lot of fun and even though a number of the kits included in the force are older, I really enjoyed working with them and love how the complete collection looks.

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Legions of Nagash- Halloween Update

As it’s Halloween today, it seems fitting to post an update on the Legions of Nagash ebay rescue project. I’ve made a bit of hobby progress since my previous update and though it’s a grim, rainy day here, I’ve taken some photos of the units I’ve been working on. Please note everything shown in this post is unfinished, though after getting base colours down and some washes, we can see the aesthetic direction the force is moving towards.

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