Warhammer Hobby Update- April 2021

It feels like forever since I last found a spare moment to post on here as life has been rather more hectic than usual. The steady decline of Covid lockdown measures has meant work has become more demanding. What’s more, the gyms are now reopen and even my H.E.M.A club has found an outdoor space where we can start practicing again. Between these and family commitments, I’ve had little time or energy for writing blog posts. That said, I have been doing a bit of hobby and while I have 30 mins free time this morning, thought I’d get a quick post up showing what I’ve been working on.

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The Steam Tank- Why I need it in my list!

People say when choosing which faction you want to collect in a miniature wargame such as 40k or A.O.S, the best advice is to go with the one you love the models for most. After all, you will be spending countless hours building/ painting them and pushing them around the table. It’s also said that rules are temporary but models are eternal! (Or until you sell them on ebay.) This is generally my approach to choosing which factions I want to collect and it’s also why you will likely never see me at a serious gaming tournament. (Well, a combination of suboptimal list choices and crippling anxiety.)

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Legions of Nagash & Cities of Sigmar 500 point army updates

Another busy week here progressing the two 500 point Age of Sigmar forces. It feels like I have finally broken the back of the project which is great because it was a little daunting at the start. I now have two 500 point forces for Age of Sigmar, table top ready for when my local gaming store opens and I have to say I am overjoyed. So what have I done since my last update?

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Biostrip 20- Thoughts after stripping an army.

The tub!

There are a number of reasons why you may decide to strip the paint off some miniatures. Perhaps you just got yourself a “Pro-painted” army from E-bay and can’t bare to look at the pigment clogged faces. Perhaps you found some miniatures you painted when you where less skilled and want to have another crack at them. Perhaps you just screwed up. Whatever the reason, at some point in your hobby, chances are you will want to get the minis back to bare plastic. There are a number of ways to go about doing this, however for the purpose of this post we will be discussing a product called “Biostrip 20”.

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A.O.S Cities of Sigmar- List Tweaking for the glory of Sigmar!

To me, the Freeguild Greatswords are one of the coolest looking unit choices in the cities of sigmar range. What are essentially fantasy landsknecht soldiers, these guys pack one hell of a punch and look fancy doing it. 2 attacks base, 3+ to hit and 3+ to wound with -1 rend, damage 1. In a unit of 20 with a guild champion you are putting out 41 attacks. Additionally, with special abilities such as Oathsword Honour guard, and the (on foot) Freeguild general’s Hold the line, they get +1 to hit and +2 to hit with +1 to wound when not moving. Their ability Decapitating Swing also means unmodified hit rolls of 6 generate mortal wounds and it’s fair to say if you are rolling 41 attacks, there will be some 6’s. This unit hits like a truck and I must have it!

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Starting a New Army- Age of Sigmar

The Cities of Sigmar BattleTome

A few years ago I dabbled in the idea of starting Warhammer Fantasy. At the time I was REALLY into World Eaters and so naturally gravitated to Warriors of Chaos… then the old world spontaneously exploded just before I pulled the trigger. The second attempt came a few years later, now with Age of Sigmar, the Warhammer Fantasy successor. Try as I might, the new factions just didn’t appeal. I hated the aesthetic of the Stormcast Eternals and the other new factions just didn’t capture my imagination. I did eventually pick up some of the old empire minis but without proper codex support and my chosen faction feeling quite out of place, I eventually lost interest and shelved the project.

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