Army on Parade- Adeptus Custodes

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while and show my Adeptus Custodes collection. These are some fantastic miniatures and where an absolute joy to paint, though I did find them quite challenging at times. Originally they where going to be Solar Watch, but the white armour just proved too challenging at the time for me to paint. The army ended up in storage for a good 6 months until I got them out again and decided it was time to have another attempt.

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Army on Parade- Dark Angels 2k Points

Throughout March I’ve been focusing on getting my Dark Angels painted up in an alternative Horus Heresy style paint scheme. I recently had a week off work and set myself the challenge of getting the whole 2000 points army completed to a table top standard. It’s been a fair bit of work and a slog in some places but I’m pleased to say that this project is now completed. Here is my 2000 points of Dark Angels.

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