Deathwing Knights- Alternative Head Idea

Here is an idea for Dark Angels collectors. What do you do when you want to build some Deathwing Knights, but used up all of your hooded heads converting special characters from the Indomitus box? This is a problem I had until I saw a Facebook post on one of the Dark Angels fan groups, which showed Deathwing Knights with Grey Knight Terminator helmets. Having a bit of a soft spot for the old Grey Knight Terminator minis, I decided to run with the idea. Here is how my Deathwing Knights turned out.

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I am a Wargamer

Dark Angel Hellblasters Squad

Welcome to my Blog! My name is Ben Davies and I am a wargamer. I got started in the hobby when I was a kid, coming across Game Workshop’s “Lord of the Rings Battle Games in Middle earth” magazine. It was a weekly publication that came with miniatures, paints and rules for how to play the lord of the rings table top game. Having recently seen “The Fellowship of the Ring”, I was instantly hooked and though I didn’t end up completing the full set as my local news agents stopped stocking it, I had a great time collecting, painting and playing.

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