My Dark Angels pre-orders arrived! Thoughts on the supplement & time to start list building.

Yesterday I received my Dark Angels pre-orders from my FLGS. I’ve opened everything, read through the majority of the supplement and must say, I’m over the moon with the book. Now it is quite thin, being just a supplement. (You will still need the main space marine codex if you want to play this faction.) However what it provides is background lore on the Dark Angels, as well as an explanation of the Chapter’s structure, squad markings and paint schemes for the main chapter itself, as well as the Dark Angels successor chapters.

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Dark Angel Pre-orders and my Collection so far.

This last weekend saw the pre-order release of the new Dark Angels supplement for Warhammer 40k and I must say, I am quite excited to not only be getting new rules but also to see the lore progress. We all know that Luther has escaped from his cell on the rock and is supposedly gathering a “legion sized” force of the fallen. From what I’ve heard, this new codex will follow on from these events, with the Dark Angels responding to the threat and possibly setting up for a crusade. If true then the stakes for the 1st legion are huge and this plotline has the potential to really shake things up, not just for the Dark Angels but for the whole Imperium.

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Inquisitor challenge- Ordo Xenos

It’s been a fair bit of time in the works but I’ve finally finished my Inquisitor and retinue. This has been a project which has been at the forefront of my mind for the last few months and so it feels pretty great to finally cross the finish line. A few times I almost gave up to be honest, with other projects taking up hobby time and the challenge deadline looming, but it seems we made it after all!

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Using the Green Stuff World Textured rolling pins- Miniature Basing

When approaching the basing stage of any project there are a number of options available to create a finished base and give your miniatures a sense of presence. You could simply buy resin cast bases from a 3rd party supplier. If you want a cheaper alternative then you could simply glue flock and static grass to the base or even a fine grit sand/ salt (to be covered in PVA glue and later painted). The Citadel texture paints (and similar products) are another option which provide a fast basing solution and give a good range of finishes which can be painted over for further customisation. If you want a mountainous finish, sheets of cork boarding can be broken up and used. (Though I’ve yet to try this option myself.) Needless to say, there are a ton of options to bring the base of your miniatures to life.

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Inquisitor challenge- The Nemesis

Last year, my local gaming group decided to begin a hobby challenge to run over six months (during the lock down period). We where to create our own custom inquisitor and retinue, as well as a nemesis and their own followers. Upon completion, the miniatures would be judged and the best entry win a prize, courtesy of our friendly local gaming store. We would also then have a number of completed Kill teams, with which we could play skirmish games with once our local store re-opened.

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Deathwing Knights- Alternative Head Idea

Here is an idea for Dark Angels collectors. What do you do when you want to build some Deathwing Knights, but used up all of your hooded heads converting special characters from the Indomitus box? This is a problem I had until I saw a Facebook post on one of the Dark Angels fan groups, which showed Deathwing Knights with Grey Knight Terminator helmets. Having a bit of a soft spot for the old Grey Knight Terminator minis, I decided to run with the idea. Here is how my Deathwing Knights turned out.

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