Palanite Enforcer Patrol box- A perfect Stargrave crew?

A little while ago I bought a Palanite Enforcer Patrol box for Games Workshop’s Necromunda, though I had no intention of playing the game. (After playing a test game, the system just didn’t gel with me). I built my enforcers, painted them and quickly lost interest, moving onto other hobby projects which captured my imagination. After a little time, I got the miniatures out again but stripped and re-purposed them for a hobby challenge at my local club. Now acting as retinue for a custom inquisitor, they got another few days in the sun before again getting put to one side in favour of a new project. Until now…

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Creating Snow bases for Frostgrave

I’ve made good use over the last few years of the Citadel Texture range of paints, getting some fast and pretty great looking base schemes completed. Over the last week I’ve turned my hobby time attention to Frostgrave and as such, wanted to try to get the basing done for my girlfriend’s necromancer and apprentice before moving onto my own wizard and apprentice. In this post I want to show what I’ve done and briefly talk about a new paint I tried to get a snowy effect.

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Finishing Hobby Projects- A Productive Sunday

I’ve been juggling a couple of projects for a bit which have been quite slow going. On Sunday I got all of these out so I could review where I was up to and what needed to be done to get them over the finish line. In the end, I spent approximately 9 hours working on the Ironclad for my Kharadron Overlords, as well as the Vehicles from the eBay Grey Knights project. I can now say happily that these projects are more or less complete

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Reassessing my relationship with game companies- The Fan problem.

Apologies if this post is a bit rambly, I’ve been swilling some thoughts around in my head for the last couple of days and want to get them down on “paper”. I’m going to be touching on the relationship between GW and the community and so if you are sick and tired of all the negativity by all means give this post a miss but for everyone else, hopefully you will find what I’ve got to say useful. Miniature posts are incoming and I’ve been working more on the Grey Knights so expect something on them very soon. Before we proceed with today’s post, some context so this hopefully makes some sense.

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Loosing my motivation to paint Games Workshop Products.

It’s been a little while since I last posted on here and sadly enough, that is because I haven’t had much to report on. After spending a great deal of time over the lockdown period enthused to paint miniatures and get my 40k & AOS armies ready for a return to play, I’ve finally ran out of steam.

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Discovering Frostgrave 2nd Edition

About a month or so ago while browsing YouTube, I stumbled upon a interesting table top Fantasy skirmish game that really caught my imagination. The game is called Frostgrave and features players controlling a party of adventurers, headed by a wizard and wizard’s apprentice as they battle not only the other player, but also A.I. controlled monsters in an attempt to find treasure. Though characters share similar starting stat profiles, ten different schools of magic with a vast amount of spell options mean you can really make something that feels unique. This elegant simplicity (to start) yet complexity really appeals. I’ve not yet had chance to play sadly, but I’m really excited for this one so wanted to bring it to your attention, as well as show off some of the minis I’ve been working on for it.

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1 Year of WordPress Blogging & Hobby updates

I received an e-mail this morning notifying me that this blog has been active for a year and what a strange year it has been. A side effect of the Covid crisis and being forced to stay in lockdown has been an increase in spare time for hobby projects. It’s been an opportunity to work through my backlog and get a few long term projects cleared away. What’s more, it’s been an opportunity to begin blogging about the hobby. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 😀

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