Palanite Enforcer Patrol box- A perfect Stargrave crew?

A little while ago I bought a Palanite Enforcer Patrol box for Games Workshop’s Necromunda, though I had no intention of playing the game. (After playing a test game, the system just didn’t gel with me). I built my enforcers, painted them and quickly lost interest, moving onto other hobby projects which captured my imagination. After a little time, I got the miniatures out again but stripped and re-purposed them for a hobby challenge at my local club. Now acting as retinue for a custom inquisitor, they got another few days in the sun before again getting put to one side in favour of a new project. Until now…

A couple weeks back, I picked up a copy of Stargrave from Osprey Games. The game is very similar to Frostgrave in terms of mechanics, except it’s got a science fiction setting which is fine by me as the Frostgrave rule set is nice and simple, yet offers enough complexity to not be boring. In order to play Stargrave, you need to create a crew of 10 miniatures consisting of a captain, a first mate and 8no followers of various classes. It just so happened that I had 10 sci-fi human miniatures sitting in a draw gathering dust. I got the Palanite Enforcers out, cut away most of the modifications I had previously made for the inquisitor challenge and gave them a Bio-strip bath. After a day of waiting for the paint to strip, I was left with a blank canvas and could begin creating my crew.

I wanted to go for a military/ mercenary look for these guys and so settled on military green combat armour with khaki grey cloth bits. To break up the muted tones of the green, I gave the miniatures orange detailing which I think really plays into that mercenary vibe, being quite vibrant and contrasting nicely with the green. I made a point to give my captain and first mate additional orange detailing, making them stand out. The special units (sniper, hacker & medic) where similarly picked out with additional coloured detailing on the helmets, except each has a distinct colour to make them easy to distinguish while in play.

I’ll admit that while I do enjoy the colour scheme of these miniatures and love how they look now they are complete, I didn’t really have as much fun painting them as I usually do. Getting the orange circles on the chest was particularly challenging for me as the finish turned out lumpy, but also trying to get a perfect circle proved very challenging. In the end, I had to backtrack with a little black templar contrast around the rim of the circle to make sure it was defined and clearly separated from the green armour.

On the whole, despite the challenges faced painting these, I’m very happy with the finished crew. I now just need to roll up my crew stat sheet and pick my classes. I’m really looking forward to taking these guys for a spin and will let you know how my game goes once I get chance to take Stargrave to my friends down at the club.

2 thoughts on “Palanite Enforcer Patrol box- A perfect Stargrave crew?

  1. I may have been taking a peek at Stargrave to learn more about it the other day and I think these guys fit in perfectly 🙂 Great job painting them up and I look forward to seeing what you think about the game!

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  2. I gave up on the lumpiness… It mostly happens when I don’t wait to apply another layer when the previous (hypothetically thinned layer) has not fully dried. It’s always worse on picture. You can add some distress and roll with it. They look striking! And very cool minis!

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