Finishing Hobby Projects- A Productive Sunday

I’ve been juggling a couple of projects for a bit which have been quite slow going. On Sunday I got all of these out so I could review where I was up to and what needed to be done to get them over the finish line. In the end, I spent approximately 9 hours working on the Ironclad for my Kharadron Overlords, as well as the Vehicles from the eBay Grey Knights project. I can now say happily that these projects are more or less complete

Building an Ironclad- Complete! (For now…)

The ironclad is a little rough around the edges but looks pretty good and is certainly Table top ready. I’ll definitely be re-visiting this model in the future to get those finishing touches sorted. Now onto the grey knights.

Grey Knight eBay rescue project- Completed!

I have to say, I really enjoyed these miniatures and admit that I’ve grown quite fond of the “Babycarrier” (Dreadknight). This is something I’m rather surprised at as this mini has put me off collecting the faction at multiple times in the past. Now I know I was silly to wait so long. I’m really happy with the vehicles from the collection and it’s great to see the full collection on my shelf finally painted.

New projects…

With old projects finally completed I can turn my attention to new ones. Over the coming few months I’m spreading my wings and branching out into some new table top games and I’m really excited! As well as Frostgrave, my friends at the games club have taken an interest in Stargrave so expect to see me building a starship crew for that game system. I also picked up some Malifaux miniatures and want to discuss my first experiences with products from Wyrd miniatures. Finally, after an interesting turn of fate, I won a Battletech rulebook in a Twitter prize draw. I’ve been slowly learning the lore surrounding the Battletech universe and have been having a pretty good time with the PC game so having a look at the table top game should be a lot of fun.

It’s always an exciting time when looking to start some new hobby projects, but I’m going to try not to take too much on at once and hopefully finish these new projects a bit sooner than I have been so far in 2021. I just have to decide what to prioritise first…

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