The Silver Bayonet- A new game from Joseph A. McCullough

Hey everyone! A really quick post today as I just wanted to talk a little about a new table top game which I recently heard about and I’m very excited for.

“The Silver Bayonet” is an up and coming skirmish wargame by Joseph A. McCullough, the creator of Frostgrave and takes place in an alternative Napoleonic Europe where the mass war of the setting has brought a range of classic monsters out of the shadows and into direct conflict with your warband. In a nutshell, this game sounds like Sharpe vs werewolves and I’m 100% in!

Along with the game we can expect a range of minis from North Star miniatures and if the Frostgrave minis are anything to go by, then I fully expect these to be excellent. Though an official range will be available, I have a feeling “the Silver Bayonet” will be miniature agnostic (as per McCullough’s previous games), allowing players to forum their collections around any manufacturer they desire (or even 3d print). With this in mind, “The Silver Bayonet” could be a great opportunity to explore some of the historical gaming manufactures such as Perry Miniatures and their Napoleonic range. Either way we will have the official range to bolster our collections and for those hard to get pieces.

osprey publishing/ Joseph A. McCullough

The game isn’t available until November 11th 2021, though you can find the core rule book up for pre-order now for around £20-£25.

This setting is really compelling to me, being a HEMA fencer who studies Napoleonic military swordsmanship and so expect to see more from this game on the blog in the future! Definitely one to keep an eye on.

More info:

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