Grey Knight eBay rescue project- Progress so far

A couple months back I got a pretty good deal on a bunch of grey knights from eBay which where in very good condition. Since receiving them in the post I’ve been working on them here and there. As I have had some unexpected free time this afternoon, I wanted to use it and give a quick update on my progress. These miniatures are still W.I.P but a status update on this project is long overdue. With that said, here is the collection as it currently stands.

I’ve been prioritising works on infantry figures mainly and have just started to get some base colours down on the vehicles. There is still a lot to do on the vehicles, as well as detailing/ general tidy up and finishing for the infantry and characters. Though progress has been sporadic, I’ve been enjoying my time painting this collection and look forward to putting the finishing touches in place.

Though not yet complete, I really like how this army looks on parade and look forward to seeing them on the table at some point in the future!

2 thoughts on “Grey Knight eBay rescue project- Progress so far

  1. When I saw that these are eBay rescues, I expected the sculpts and/or the modeling to look rougher but these look very nice indeed. It doesn’t hurt that Grey Knights look cool on their own too! 🙂

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