Building an Ironclad- Part 4

It’s been a little while since I last gave an update on the Ironclad. When I last left off, the miniature had been assembled with the balloon section loose, the magnet baron flight stand fitted and the whole miniature base coated with leadbelcher spray. Since then, I’ve gave the model a fluffy cloud base to match the rest of my army (made simply from cotton wool PVA glued to the base,) and been working on base colours and metallics. There is still a ton of work to do on this model but I think it is starting to come together quite nicely.

The next big task will be to paint the crew miniatures, after which I’ll be able to finally glue the balloons in place and fit the “guide ropes” which have been left off the miniature for ease. I’ll also be able to get rid of the Ironclad box which has been cluttering my shelves for the last few months.

I do have a bit of green stuff work to do on the figurehead as there is a visible gap where the two sections of the hull meet. This shouldn’t be too challenging though and once complete, I’ll be tidying up all the silver areas and then shading down before applying some highlights to give them definition.

I really do love the level of detail on this miniature and how much character it has. Though with high detail comes a high time sink and so expect a few more “Building an Ironclad” updates before we call this project finished.

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