Loosing my motivation to paint Games Workshop Products.

It’s been a little while since I last posted on here and sadly enough, that is because I haven’t had much to report on. After spending a great deal of time over the lockdown period enthused to paint miniatures and get my 40k & AOS armies ready for a return to play, I’ve finally ran out of steam.

Now I wouldn’t put this sudden lack of enthusiasm down to not enjoying the armies I’ve been working on. I’ve had project burnout before with my Cities of Sigmar so I know the signs and usually switching to a new project helps me get back into a productive rhythm. Furthermore, both the Kharadron Overlords and my new grey knights are fantastic miniatures to paint. I love the lore and aesthetic of both factions and still get a “buzz” upon seeing completed works (both my own and other peoples). Instead something has changed inside me in response to the way Games Workshop as a company has been addressing it’s fanbase and it bloody sucks. (Because I still love 40k and was growing very fond of AOS.)

It’s no secret that Games Workshop seem to be slipping back into their old ways & the latest debacle with them going to war against fan animations has really put a dampener on my passion for their I.Ps. Yes you need to protect your I.P’s for copyright reasons but isn’t it funny that they are only doing this now, a few weeks away from their own animation streaming service releasing? We aren’t stupid, we can see what is going on and the true reasons why.

I’ve also seen the mass response from members of the community calling to boycott games workshop products in response to their treatment of fan works and while I can see the merit in such an action I wont be taking part in a boycott so to speak. I will however be voting with my wallet moving forward.

This weekend saw the release of the Grey Knight 9th edition “range” (it’s mainly just new rules & overpriced dice) and while I’d normally be getting my pre-orders in as I did with my Dark Angels, I simply haven’t bothered this time round. I’ll pick up the codex in my own time when I’m good and ready from my friendly local game store. Furthermore I’m not going to buy the 2 player starter box for a bunch of miniatures I already own, a faction I don’t want and 1 new special character. I’ll get the character in a blister pack when they release him separately or I’ll do without and not have to look at a pile of grey plastic I didn’t need or want.

As for Warhammer+, while I was previously considering a subscription to the new animation service as I was getting swept up in the buzz, it goes without saying that this is simply not going to happen now. Perhaps in a few months time I’ll sub for a month and binge everything in one go but I certainly will not be getting a subscription upon release nor anytime soon. As for the exclusive miniatures, again I don’t care. I’m a human not a donkey motivated by carrots on sticks. When the service is worth my time I may invest, else I’m happy enough without it.

I realise this comes across as incredibly negative but there is a feeling of betrayal here. 40k has been a constant companion for me over many years, listening to audiobooks, painting miniatures and having some awesome nerdy conversations with my friends about the setting and lore. So when the company who are behind the product continue to raise prices, reduce value for money, create a FOMO culture which only scalpers benefit from and show open distain for their fanbase, my reaction was only ever going to be negative.

So where does that leave this blog? Well I’ll still be here, showing my painted miniatures and talking about the hobby when I have developments to share or have something I feel is important to say. In terms of Games Workshop stuff, though I have sold my Adeptus Custodes, I will be keeping my Dark Angels, Grey knights and Kharadron Overlords so expect to see more of them as my motivation returns. (And I truly hope it does).

In the meantime, I may branch out into some other miniature gaming systems and experience the broader face of the miniature gaming and table top hobby. I’ve already started looking into Frostgrave and must say, I love what I see! There are many other game companies out there producing fantastic minis and rulesets, so it will be good to look about and see what else is currently available.

If you have any recommendations for alternative game systems or miniature game companies to look into, let me know in a comment below or message on twitter.

“Go then, there are other worlds than these.”

Jake Chambers- The Dark Tower by Stephen King

3 thoughts on “Loosing my motivation to paint Games Workshop Products.

  1. While I am not into Warhammer 40k or AoS other than to occasionally paint a sculpt that really speaks to me for display purposes, I agree with you about scalpers and FOMO. Its really turned me off of GW for gaming purposes and I don’t follow what they’re releasing as closely as I used to because of that. I would really recommend checking out other companies and their miniature lines as most do not do that. Mantic is generally friendlier to consumers (though they have some FOMO, limited edition releases themselves but is nothing like GW’s) and Modiphius doesn’t have a ton of mini lines but they are even better I think in terms of not tricking people into spending money. I hope you find something else that gives you joy in the hobby!

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    1. Cheers and thanks for the suggestions! Like I said in the post, I’m not boycotting GW and will defiantly continue to work on 40k/ AOS… I’m just not feeling that spark of joy and draw to put hobby time into their products atm. I think holding GW at an arms length right now is the best approach and perhaps not following them so closely.

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  2. Workshop have always been like this, well, since the Kirby buyout from Ansell at the very least. The “new era” we got a few years ago was essentially just a new coat of paint, some social media, more games and adding in discount/army boxes (which we used to have anyway), and *slightly* better rules (before they became even more of a convoluted mess than they were before) to get players back on board from when warhammer was dipping badly and X-Wing and others were starting to eat their lunch.
    Cut to now, X-Wing 2e cut it’s own throat, the GW rejig has worked well, and the pandemic made them a bloody fortune. So now the veil is falling.
    I do recommend broadening your horizons. I’ve personally been getting into painting 1/100 / 15mm WWII stuff. Sure, it’s Flames of War but just like your Frostgrave models, they can be used with any appropriate ruleset…

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