Discovering Frostgrave 2nd Edition

About a month or so ago while browsing YouTube, I stumbled upon a interesting table top Fantasy skirmish game that really caught my imagination. The game is called Frostgrave and features players controlling a party of adventurers, headed by a wizard and wizard’s apprentice as they battle not only the other player, but also A.I. controlled monsters in an attempt to find treasure. Though characters share similar starting stat profiles, ten different schools of magic with a vast amount of spell options mean you can really make something that feels unique. This elegant simplicity (to start) yet complexity really appeals. I’ve not yet had chance to play sadly, but I’m really excited for this one so wanted to bring it to your attention, as well as show off some of the minis I’ve been working on for it.

Before pushing ahead, it’s worth noting that you do not need to get the official Northstar miniatures to play. In fact there is a section at the front of the rule book which highlights this and states “It is not essential to use “official miniatures” to play the game,” I can’t really describe how much of a breath of fresh air reading this statement was. Coming from the G.W. ecosystem, this is a complete polar opposite in attitude and really gives me the impression that the game system is a labour of love, created by a fellow wargamer and not a corporation.

With this statement in mind and provided you are already playing some sort of fantasy miniatures game, (like D&D or even Age of Sigmar,) chances are you will already have everything you need to create your own wizard, apprentice and warband. What’s more, the game uses a D20 system and I’ve heard the core mechanics are quite intuitive if you are familiar with D&D’s combat. Coupling low cost of entry with familiar game systems means this game should be very easy to pick up and start playing. Again, I’ve not yet had chance to play, however from what I’ve read and heard, this definitely seems to be the case.

Don’t have miniatures? If you wanted to get into this game as cheaply as possible then I’d recommend giving reaper miniatures a look. You can find a figure for almost any character imaginable and prices are generally great. If you would like to instead give the official Frostgrave miniatures a look then these too are quite low in cost though don’t be fooled as their quality is superb. To demonstrate this, here is my Apprentice (Left) and Wizard (Right) which where built from the Official North star Frost Grave Wizards box.

I was really happy with how these two turned out and after building, I wanted to charge ahead with making more characters for my little Warband. The detail is fantastic and really looks like something you would expect from the likes of Games Workshop or Privateer Press. I paid about £15 for the box and that gives the option to create 8 Figures in total, with a wide range of options. Truly a fantastic kit for a great price. I’ve not yet settled on a school of magic for these particular characters as I want to look further into the spell options but I’m excited to develop my wizard and apprentice further.

I told my girlfriend about the game and she routed out a custom eldritch foundry miniature which she was originally going to use as a necromancer for Age of Sigmar (left). We painted this up along with an apprentice we made up from my North star wizards box (Right). I’ve still got basing to do on the apprentice but I was quite happy with how these turned out. More importantly my girlfriend was happy with them and we noted the skeletons from her Age of Sigmar army would make perfect henchmen for her warband.

All in all I’ve got to say that Frostgrave has really grabbed my imagination! I just need to get character sheets written up/ my wizard painted and then hopefully we will be able to play a game. Of course when that happens I will let you know my thoughts but right now, I’m very excited.

What type of Wizard are you?

Before letting you go I had an idea for a little bit of fun. There are ten types of Wizard in Frostgrave and so I though it would be interesting to roll a D10 and see what type of Wizard I should play. Feel free to do the same and let me know in the comments what you got.

  1. Chronomancer
  2. Elementalist
  3. Enchanter
  4. Illusionist
  5. Necromancer
  6. Sigilist
  7. Soothsayer
  8. Summoner
  9. Thaumaturge
  10. Witch

I rolled a 2!

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