Dark Angels Crusade- Part 1: Setting Up

During the last few weeks I’ve been playing practice games of Warhammer 40k in preparation for a crusade campaign with my gaming group. It’s been a lot of fun getting to grips with my Dark Angels and I’ve slowly built up a list which I think will perform quite well while also being fluffy. In today’s blog post, I want to run through my Crusade Roster setup and talk about which units I’ve chose ahead of the coming games. Lets get to it.

The 25 power level list I’ve been running which formed the core of my Crusade Roster

For simplicity’s sake we will start from the top and work our way down. We are using the standard BRB Crusade rules, starting at 50 power level and with 5 Requisition points to spend on our force. I’m drawing all my units from the Space Marine and Dark Angels Rule books and will be using these when choosing my future upgrades etc. I’ve spent 1no pregame requisition point to increase my Supply limit by 5 points and 2no requisition points on the Talon master, to give it a warlord trait and artefact.

The Captain on bike is the first unit on my roster. I really wanted a way to give my Raven wing core units a reroll 1ns to hit buff. As the army has an abundance of plasma weaponry, (which I will be overcharging like there is no tomorrow,) a safety net against natural 1ns is incredibly valuable. The captain on bike seemed to be the best way to get this done, providing a number of synergies with the rest of the force.

The Ravenwing Talonmaster is next and though a bit more expensive than other HQ options, has proven incredible in the games I have played so far. Again, he grants the force a number of synergies including rerolls of 1ns to wound for core units, which when combined with the captain’s rerolls to hit, should really help units like the black knights shine. The talon master has been granted the Master of Manoeuvre Warlord trait and given the Arbiter’s Gaze Relic. (A tried and tested combo!)

After skimming over the Dark Angels crusade rules, I decided I had to bring along a Primaris Librarian. Dark angels have a number of fluffy agendas and goals which revolve around intelligence gathering and capturing members of the fallen. This seemed like a key component of the army in crusade and as I didn’t really want to bring an interrogator chaplain, a librarian seemed like a must have. Fluff reasons aside, the Dark Angel Librarian is quite a force to be reckoned with on the table top thanks to their Interromancy psychic discipline. For my choice of psychic powers, I’ll be starting with Smite, Engulfing fear & Mind Worm.

Next I’ve gone with 2no intercessor squads to provide some objective secured. The first squad is armed with stalker bolt rifles and will sit on home field/ back of board objectives while firing downrange at anything which pops it’s head up. For the second squad, I intend to run these as a bodyguard group for my Primaris Librarian. These will be running up the board, shielding the librarian from fire while pumping out their own shots via 5no Auto bolt rifles. In time and if these perform well, I would love to upgrade them to a unit of 5no blade guard. That will only be much later in the campaign however, once I can afford another intercessor squad to replace this one, but it would be fluffy and give me an excuse to play my Indomitus blade guard minis.

Black Knights are next! I know they are not the most efficient unit but they are a Raven wing staple and I really enjoy the concept of this unit. They should see benefit from the captain/ talonmaster auras and I hope will prove quite formidable. From my practice games where I was running a 3 man squad they proved quite underwhelming, however I’m hoping that a 5man squad will do the trick.

Next we have a unit of plasma inceptors. I really wanted a scalpel unit which I could deep strike in to take care of key elements of my opponents force and with the Dark Angel synergies, these seemed like a great fit. The only thing I’m conscious of is that these units will likely never see the benefit of the reroll 1ns to hit. With this in mind, every 1 rolled on overcharged plasma will kill a member of this squad, making the unit incredibly suicidal when considering the number of shots each model gets. I suppose I don’t have to overcharge, especially if using the “Weapons from the Dark Age” stratagem but where is the fun in that?

Finally I’ve included an outrider squad. In my test games, outriders have proven to be effective anti-infantry as well as highly durable. Due to this, I’ll likely use these guys as a front line to shield my black knights, allowing them to deliver their plasma shots without getting shot to bits before in effective range. I’ve been really impressed with Outriders so far and would love to add a second squad to my list as the crusade campaign progresses.

The crusade formally starts from the 1st July and I’m hopefully going to be playing my first 50 power level game. I’m not sure who my opponent will be yet, but I’m excited to get started and experience a different side of Warhammer 40k.

Until next time… FOR THE LION!

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