Building an Ironclad- Part 3

A quick update today regarding the Ironclad for my Kharadron Overlords… it’s built & primed!

I had to modify the magnet baron custom stand a bit to get it to work, cutting a notch out of the 3d printed section which the model slots into (there was no clearance for the propeller section of the mini). The model sits nicely now and I’m much happier with how robust this custom stand is compared to the stock one which is a bit flimsy. (Especially when considering the size/ weight of the miniature it is supposed to be supporting!) I’ve also not yet glued on the balloon section to the ship itself as this should make painting the deck easier. Luckily this holds in place perfectly well without glue, slotting in and out of the hull with ease.

I also decided against magnetising the main gun as I didn’t have a magnet small enough to slot inside the barrel of the cannon. I’m not really a tournament guy and my games club is pretty relaxed so this shouldn’t really be an issue. That said I’ll be keeping the spare bits should I decide to modify the model in the future.

The next challenge will be trying to paint the large hull sections with contrast to get the metallic blue of my custom paint scheme. Applying paint with a brush over such a large surface may be problematic as it will leave streaks and I don’t have a airbrush. To get around this, I’m considering using a sponge to dab the contrast paint to the larger hull sections. I’m not sure how this will work, especially considering how thin the contrast paints are. I suppose if everything goes wrong, I can always paint over the problem or strip the model should things go REALLY wrong. I wont know if I don’ t try.

All that aside, here are a few pics of the built and primed miniature!

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