1 Year of WordPress Blogging & Hobby updates

I received an e-mail this morning notifying me that this blog has been active for a year and what a strange year it has been. A side effect of the Covid crisis and being forced to stay in lockdown has been an increase in spare time for hobby projects. It’s been an opportunity to work through my backlog and get a few long term projects cleared away. What’s more, it’s been an opportunity to begin blogging about the hobby. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 😀

Today’s post will be a little different, as I wont be focusing on a specific element of the hobby but rather giving general updates on where I am and what I’ll be working on in the near future.

Warhammer 40k

The primary focus of my hobby time has been my Dark Angels. With things starting to re-open in England, I’ve been able to actually start playing the game after years of just being involved in the painting/collecting side. I had my 3rd game of 40k 9th edition vs Necrons on Friday and had a great time. I’m finally starting to feel more comfortable with the rule set and I have a much better idea of what I’m doing via objectives. Best of all, getting to see the miniatures I’ve spent so long painting actually on the table!

We are gearing up to begin a crusade campaign shortly and so I’ll try to keep the blog updated with my progress as we play through the new campaign. Expect to see more of the Dark Angels. For the Lion!

There is another project I wanted to announce today and one which I’ve been dying to dive into since first getting into 40k. I’m starting a Grey Knight force!

No they may not be very competetive on the table right now, but I have a real soft spot for these daemon hunting paladins. As with my other projects, I’ll be posting up my progress as I build and paint these guys in the not too distant future. This is a project I’m really excited for. So excited in fact, I had to track down a copy of the 3rd edition Daemonhunters codex which I remember seeing in the game stores when I was a kid. Though I could never afford grey knights at the time, we finally made it. I can almost hear the doom soundtrack.

Age of Sigmar

With AOS 3rd edition right on the horizon, I’m gearing up to start playing some practice games with my better half. I’ve got the new rule book on order and have a small 500 point list ready to go. I’ll be focusing on playing with my Kharadron Overlords, and I’m really excited to see what these steampunk Dwarves are capable of in this new edition of the game.

Regarding the Ironclad, I’ve been waiting for a glue delivery so I can progress it further though I’ve almost got it completely built. The magnetic flight stand has also arrived from Magnet Baron and so as soon as the glue arrives, I’ll be able to progress this build more. Expect further updates soon!


A Non-Games workshop game on the blog?!

I stumbled upon Frostgrave by chance on youtube and became interested very quickly. This small scale skirmish game puts the player in control of a wizard, apprentice and hired mercenaries, competing against another players warband to claim lost treasures from a frozen city ruin. It’s a PVPVE objective based table top wargame with RPG mechanics for tooling up your gang and levelling up your wizard. What’s more, if you have D&D miniatures you just need the rulebook to play! I’ve heard the ruleset is very good and should be easy to learn coming from a D&D/Pathfinder background. I’m very excited to delve into Frostgrave and with luck I’ll be able to convince some people from my local games club to give it a try with me.

That’s pretty much an overview of where things sit. I’m urgently preparing some last minute miniatures for my 40k crusade roster and will get a post up soon showing everything once ready. I’ve got a little over a week so fingers crossed I get everything completed in time!

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