Building an Ironclad- Part 2

A little more progression today with the Ironclad for my Kharadron Overlords army. When it comes to Warhammer, I’m used to blitzing the construction phase to get to painting as quickly as possible. With a model as complex and large as the Ironclad however, slow and steady is proving to be the best philosophy. Here is my progress from where we left off in part 1.

I’ll be keeping the hull and balloon arrangement separate for now as this should make painting easier. I’ve also still not attached the main gun, as I’m yet to decide which weapon option to go with. Although I mentioned magnets in my previous post, I’m tempted to just move forward with one of the weapon options as my gaming group isn’t too strict with W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.

Thanks to the way in which the “Balloon struts” sit once glued, I’m able to keep the model with the balloon in place, even though it isn’t currently fixed. This is my first time seeing a preview of how this thing will look once final assembly has been completed and I love how imposing this miniature is. A true flagship for my sky fleet.

I do have a couple of observations which I wanted to note. Firstly, as the 2no hull sections didn’t glue together perfectly and there is a small gap to some areas, the socket for the flight stand will not grip correctly. Regardless, I wasn’t going to use the stock flight stand solution as it’s just too flimsy and will break in transport.

Due to this, I’ve sourced a 3rd party solution from “The magnet baron” which came highly recommended in some Kharadron Overlord social media groups. (Though the postage charge to the UK was crazy…)

My second observation is regarding the helmet design to the dwarf in the crows nest. I’m not one to beat about the bush so I’ll put it bluntly… It looks like he has a nob on his head. Although the Kharadron Overlords behave like Ferengi, I don’t believe this helmet extrusion is warranted. In this case, I’ll be removing the phallic ridge for a more streamlined/ less comical aesthetic.

That’s me done for today. In the next post I’ll aim to complete the pre-paint assembly process and then move onto mould line removal and greenstuff work. I have to say I’m enjoying this kit so far and can’t wait to start painting it.

(What a task that will be!)

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