Building an Ironclad- Part 1

There are some miniatures which are so awesome, they are the reason a hobbyist will start collecting an army. For myself, the Ironclad was the miniature which drew me to the Kharadron Overlords. A huge airship brimming with firepower, this centre piece model really makes a statement. Imposing, detailed and quirky, I love the Ironclad and so it was only a matter of time and saving before I got myself one. The model has been sat for a few weeks in my pile of shame but with A.O.S 3rd edition on the horizon, I felt now was a good time to get started. In this Blog series I aim to document my progress as I build and paint this airship. Lets get started!

I was immediately taken aback by the sheer size of the hull sections. This “miniature” is going to be absolutely huge once it is done. Current thoughts… how on earth am I going to transport this thing to the gaming table? I’ll likely spend a bit of time once it is complete researching transport solutions.

Following the build instructions, the hull went together fairly easily. I did struggle to get a seamless connection between the two hull sections and as a result, there is a small gap which I will need to do a bit of green stuff work with. There are also a number of elements of the model such as the front facing turrets which are supposed to be able to move. Unfortunately rogue glue got into these and they are now firmly stuck in place. This doesn’t bother me too much as I’m not one to play with my models. However, if you are planning on building your own Ironclad, I’d recommend using glue very sparingly around these elements to ensure they do not become fixed in place as mine have. Of course, it’s not the end of the world and the miniature will look great regardless.

Aside from the movable parts sticking in place and the small gap between the two hull sections, the Ironclad’s hull went together very fast. Again, I am amazed by the size of this beast and can’t wait to see it once the “Balloons” are fixed.

In the next part, we need to start building the deck guns and upper sections of the ship. I need to think about which loadout we will be going with, though magnetising some of the turret options would be the best approach here. I’m sure there will be a guide somewhere on the internet with tips on how to do this, though looking at the build instructions, this should be a straight forward process.

I’ve a busy week ahead so may not get much more hobby time till Sunday. Regardless I will update you as soon as I can progress this build further. Until then, take care and fair winds.

2 thoughts on “Building an Ironclad- Part 1

    1. It took me a little while to work up the courage to make a start, but I’m excited to progress this miniature further. A little research to do regarding the weapon options first though. 🙂

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