Kharadron Overlords Army- Hobby Progress update

I’ve been chipping away at the Kharadron Overlords for the last month and wanted to get a quick post up showing the full collection as it currently sits in its W.I.P state. There is still a fair bit of detailing work to do and pretty much everything requires basing, however things are starting to come together quite nicely. (And just in time for A.O.S 3rd edition!)

The Miniatures

I really love the shade of metallic blue from the use of contrast paint over leadbelcher and how the silver trim interacts with this. Combined with the Dark Grey flightsuits and red eye lenses, I think the scheme gives off a raider/ pirate vibe and so I’ll likely run this army as Barak-Mhornar (The city of shadow) once they are finally ready to hit the table. I need to progress my Arkanaut Company next and then I’ll give Dagnai Holdenstock a look. I’m still on the fence if I should keep him in my army scheme or paint him up in his official colours. Either way, he is a really great looking character and I was glad to be able to pick him up separate from the cursed city box.

To bolster the forces shown above, I currently have a Kharadron Overlords Warcry box sitting in my pile of shame, which will add some skywardens and 5 more Thunderers to the collection. There is also a mighty Ironclad, a model which I am really excited to take on, yet quite fearful of at the same time. Regardless, this will be left till after everything else is done and will likely be the focus of a few blog posts of it’s own. I will need a name for the flagship of my skyfleet and so if you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.

(No… not “Boaty McBoatface”, that one is already taken.)

4 thoughts on “Kharadron Overlords Army- Hobby Progress update

  1. The monkey is a fantastic touch! That armour looks great too – hope you don’t mind but I’ve filed it away in my brain as a possibility for when I get around to painting a few Kharadrons of my own. 🙂

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