Warhammer Quest Cursed City- Why it’s not for me.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have no doubt already heard all about Warhammer Quest Cursed City and the coming pre-orders this weekend. From the preview stream events to the articles on Warhammer community, the new board game has been slowly revealed to the hobby community and the response can only be described as “Take my money!”


I’m not going to bash on the game in this post in some vainglorious attempt to look edgy. On the contrary, the models revealed are stunning and after spending the Christmas period working on various oldhammer units for a Vampire Counts army, they look even more appealing to my eyes. Updated undead units? Yes please! Characterful hero miniatures which I could use in my Cities of Sigmar? Fantastic! But you see, therein lies the problem.

You see I don’t want a board game, I just want miniatures. I could buy the game just for the miniatures and I’m sure this will be the route many people in my shoes decide to take with Cursed City. This feels quite foolish to me though, as we are expecting what appears to be a Vampire counts range refresh coming at some point later this year. We have already seen teasers for a new Mounted Wight king, blood knights, zombies & skeletons. (With more presumably on the way.) With this in mind, buying a board game just for the miniatures doesn’t sit right with me when the cash could be put aside to pick up those kits on release.

I could argue that cursed city has some great character models but we are also expecting a vampire themed gang for Warhammer underworlds at some point soon. The miniatures for this look incredible and as Warhammer underworlds is quite budget friendly, this seems like the better option to buy just for the models.


A few years back I bought Zombicide with the full intention of bringing it to games club and playing it with my friends. This never happened as we mainly play 40k, D&D or MTG. Since then, its more or less sat gathering dust and while it’s a shame, I know I will likely never play it. As epic as Cursed City looks, if I’m being completely honest with myself then I know it will share the same fate and likely end up stacked atop the zombiecide box, gathering dust.

If you are getting the game then more power to you and I would love to see your painted miniatures. For myself though, I think I will hold off this time.

2 thoughts on “Warhammer Quest Cursed City- Why it’s not for me.

  1. I’ve come to a similar realisation, as well. It looks fantastic, and I was drooling over those miniatures with everyone else during the lead-up to it. But I’ve got Silver Tower, played once, and now consigned to the attic. I’ve got Blackstone Fortress, played once and consigned to the pile of shame.

    I do like BF though, and it appeals to me much more because of the 40k setting. So I’ve decided that I would prefer to devote my time and energy to getting that one painted, and play more with that one, by which time there’ll probably be yet another new shiny thing, and Cursed City will be old news 😄

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