Warhammer Quest Cursed City- Why it’s not for me.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have no doubt already heard all about Warhammer Quest Cursed City and the coming pre-orders this weekend. From the preview stream events to the articles on Warhammer community, the new board game has been slowly revealed to the hobby community and the response can only be described as “Take my money!”

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Army on Parade- Dark Angels 2k Points

Throughout March I’ve been focusing on getting my Dark Angels painted up in an alternative Horus Heresy style paint scheme. I recently had a week off work and set myself the challenge of getting the whole 2000 points army completed to a table top standard. It’s been a fair bit of work and a slog in some places but I’m pleased to say that this project is now completed. Here is my 2000 points of Dark Angels.

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Adeptus Titanicus Dominus- Early Access Steam Release

While on my recent food shop, I came across a copy of White Dwarf Issue 462. I don’t usually get the magazine, however this issue came with a free steam code for a bunch of Warhammer games. Now while I do own many of the headline titles such as Dawn of War, Space Marine and Vermintide 2, I was missing a lot of the smaller, more obscure titles so figured I would buy a copy. I got home, used my code and left my pc to download.

Fast forward to a little earlier this afternoon and I received an e-mail from Steam saying Adeptus Titanicus Dominus was now available to purchase and play for £23.70. Checking my copy of White Dwarf, I noticed that Dominus was part of the 12 game bundle and so I logged into Steam to boot it up.

Before we proceed please note this game is in Early access and it shows. More on this later.

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Dark Angels Hobby Update

It’s been a little while since my last post but I’ve been keeping busy by working on my Dark Angels. Progress has been steady over the last month however I now have a week off work and want to see if I can get my list completed to a table top standard by Sunday. With this goal in mind, I wanted to start off the week by sharing a bunch of photographs of the army as it currently stands.

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