Dark Angels Horus Heresy style Test Squad and General Progress

I’ve been doing a fair bit of work over the last week with my Dark Angels, adding some finishing touches to my Ravenwing and Deathwing. You will have already seen these miniatures from my previous posts however I’ve now finished adding red detailing to tie these miniatures into the new paint scheme for my “green wing”.

I’m a big fan of how the red details interact with the Ravenwing black armour and the bone of the Deathwing. For my tastes, this is a vast aesthetic improvement over the traditional green robes and bone white chest aquillas. I did decide to keep the Deathwing banner green however. My reasoning is that this banner is iconic and so should remain in it’s standard colours.

The main thing I wanted to show in today’s post is my test squad of intercessors in Horus Heresy colours. I’d say they look much better in person than on the photographs, but that may just be my failing eyesight…

Anyway, here is the test squad!

You will note I’ve not followed the Horus Heresy scheme 100%, in that the chest aquillas should be silver and the Dark Angels shoulder emblem should be red. Not having access to a red transfer set (that wasn’t Deathwing), I decided to use the standard white Dark Angels symbol. I’ve an abundance of these and so it just made sense to make use of them. Regarding the red aquilla, I prefer the splash of colour this adds over silver which may be a bit drab. Primaris marine armour is quite plain/ clean and so any colour detailing added seems to do wonders for the personality of the mini.

I really love how this new paint scheme looks compared to the originals. It was also quite nice to focus on a squad and get them completed over a day or two, as I usually try to batch paint and so it takes a lot longer for me to see the “finished article”. There is a fair bit more work to do before my 2000 point dark angels list is fully painted but I now have a clear direction. If worse comes to worse, I suppose I am ready to play some kill team. 😀

It may be a little time before my next update as I’ve a lot of work to do on both my Dark Angels and my Cities of Sigmar Projects. I’m feeling fully motivated to work on both however and have a strong, clear mental image of what I want to achieve for each.

Bonus Deathwing close up!

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