Dark Angels Army progress- I hear you are a heretic now?

It’s been a few days since my last post showing the finished Legions of Nagash force and I’ve been busy working on my Dark Angels. I’ve built the Combat Patrol box as well as a Talon Master, meaning I now have all the miniatures built for my 2000 point list! However one step forward, two steps back…

I’ve always preferred the Horus Heresy Paint scheme for the 1st legion though I’ve gotten accustomed to seeing them in their “Caliban Green” armour. That said, I’ve had a niggling craving in the depths of my grey matter to get some black clad knights of the 1st legion. I understand the lore reasons for the green armour, but it’s just not THAT cool looking. As you can probably guess, in the last few days this came to a head…

I’ve decided to strip my greenwing and repaint them in the Horus Heresy colours. Now I’m not going to go about stripping EVERY model… but I am intending to get rid of all the green. This means my Ravenwing and Deathwing are safe from the Biostrip tub. Instead I’ll be making some modifications to my Deathwing, swapping out any green for red and the Ravenwing will remain in their standard black/ white. The rest though is soaking as we speak and pending good weather, should be base coated and ready for painting by the end of the weekend.

I am currently debating a couple of different methods to achieve the black armour. I could just build off from a black base coat. Though the fastest way, it would look pretty flat and boring without a bit of work. The second method would be to go with some Black Templar Contrast paint. This would do most of the heavy lifting for me in terms of shading and with a little highlighting work, could provide quite a nice finish. The alternative method would be to start with Eshin grey, drybrush highlights of a lighter grey and then darken everything down to a shaded black via nuln oil washes. Regardless of which method I go with, I’m really excited to proceed and my mind is set that this is the right move for my Dark Angels.


Who knows? I don’t care. It’s a better paint scheme. Besides, a bunch of the successor chapters make use of the black/ silver/ red scheme so… meh! (And when you think about it, we are all Alpharius anyway.)

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