They Come Back! The Legions of Nagash Project is Finished.

This last week saw me finally close out work on the Legions of Nagash project and I’m very happy to be able to present the finished army. I found the army on eBay last October and decided it would be a great introduction for my girlfriend into Warhammer Table top. Since receiving the army, I’ve made numerous repairs and tweaks, built the unbuilt kits which it came with and painted/ based all units. It’s been challenging and yet a lot of fun and even though a number of the kits included in the force are older, I really enjoyed working with them and love how the complete collection looks.

The Ebay Listing Image

The Finished Army

I’ve put all the units in the collection through the AOS list builder and we are a few points shy of the 2k marker. Though it will likely be a little while before we get to play 2k games,(due to both myself and my girlfriend learning the game,) we are thinking about adding a unit of 10 dire wolves and a necromancer which rounds off the collection to 2k on the nose.

I’m pleased with how the basing on the army turned out and in particular enjoy how the movement trays work, giving the army an “old school” Warhammer Fantasy vibe, while keeping the rank and file in rank and file. I’ll definitely be using these for my Cities of Sigmar force, especially as my current list has between 40 and 50 guys on foot.

Well, onto the next projects! I’ve already almost finished building my Dark Angel combat patrol box with just the Plasma inceptors left to build. These wont be finished till next week however as I’m waiting for a delivery of 2x6mm magnets. (Required to modify the flying bases to… well.. work.) After that, I’ll need to remove mould lines and then it’s a case of waiting for a dry/ not freezing cold day for priming.

There is also the matter of my Cities of Sigmar force. After all, with the Legions of Nagash shambling about and ready, they will need something to terrorise. I’m still in the process of building the army but with the Legions of Nagash finally complete I will be able to dedicate my full attention to them. Well between spurts of 40k.

I really need to get a Talon master…

5 thoughts on “They Come Back! The Legions of Nagash Project is Finished.

  1. Thanks! I really like how the movement trays look/ function. Will be doing something very similar for my Cities of Sigmar army too. 😀


  2. The trays do warm the cockles of my ancient heart. I also didn’t realise how substantial the Morghast kits were: they’re enormous!

    Congratulations on reaching the 2000 point marker: definitely a benchmark and looking at all this stuff it seems a worthy point at which to say done, done and on to the next one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah the Morghasts are pretty huge! Fun and easy to paint though. Got to get a move on with my Cities of Sigmar now, else they wont have anything to fight.


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