Dark Angel Pre-orders and my Collection so far.

This last weekend saw the pre-order release of the new Dark Angels supplement for Warhammer 40k and I must say, I am quite excited to not only be getting new rules but also to see the lore progress. We all know that Luther has escaped from his cell on the rock and is supposedly gathering a “legion sized” force of the fallen. From what I’ve heard, this new codex will follow on from these events, with the Dark Angels responding to the threat and possibly setting up for a crusade. If true then the stakes for the 1st legion are huge and this plotline has the potential to really shake things up, not just for the Dark Angels but for the whole Imperium.

I’m also wondering if that lovable rascal Cypher will make an appearance. After all he is usually the one baiting the 1st legion into chasing to further the plot…

I don’t yet have my copy of the codex so do not know the details of the new fluff, nor can I really start playing around with new lists. However I’ve watched a ton of Youtube content and read a fair few articles about the new supplement, so have a very rough idea of the key units people seem to be excited/ crying about. *cough* Deathwing Terminators *cough*.

With all the excitement and buzz about my legion, I thought this would be a great time to show my collection so far and discuss the army.

Here it is in all it’s glory. Granted this image is slightly outdated as the Indomitus chaplain, dreadnought and 3 un-based outriders are now based to match the rest of the force. The astute of you will note that there are not many “first born” marines and most of the miniatures are primaris. Well this is because I am fairly new to the faction, starting my collection 1 year ago this month.

I was coming back to 40k after an extended absence and decided I would pick up some space marines. I went on ebay and found the marine half of the Dark Imperium box. Now at the time, I was heavily leaning into black templars (blame that epic Helsreach animation on Youtube) and had actually begun to paint up some of the units in their colour scheme. My attraction began to wane a bit from them however for three reasons.

  1. As badass as they are, their over zealous nature in the fluff became a bit stale to me.
  2. At the time, the Primaris melee options where non-existent and so not good for a chapter which excels at melee.
  3. White is a bloody pain in the arse to paint.

I started “shopping” around for an alternative chapter for my Dark Imperium marines and after listening to a bunch of Black Library material on Audible, settled on the Dark Angels. (It also helped that I REALLY like the knight/robed armour thing too.)

I picked up a few issues of Warhammer Conquest from the Hachette website to pad out my collection and got to work painting. To my delight, I found the green dark angel armour very fast to get to a nice table top standard. I also found that the more I delved into the lore of my chosen faction, the more I fell in love with that chapter. It was at this point the Indomitus box got announced with all it’s melee goodness.

Ok… I felt a small pang of regret that I had switched out from Black templars, as the Assault Intercessors and Bladeguard are perfect for that chapter. However the 1st legion had well and truly got it’s hooks into me by this point. I was lucky enough to split an Indomitus box with a friend from my local games club and then when my box came, I was also able to trade my assault intercessors for more outriders.

I’ve since began to get a few more specialist characters and units for the collection, starting to think of ways in which I can lean into the Dark Angels special rules. As well as the supplement, I recently ordered the Dark Angel’s combat patrol box with intent to add a bunch more plasma weapon options to the collection. Combining overcharged plasma weapons with re-roll 1’s to hit buffs and being able to still use the “Weapons from the dark age” stratagem should make for some very deadly shooting.

I have a long way to go and a lot to learn about the chapter, but I am excited to play and can’t wait to get some games under my belt with the 1st legion. Looking at the collection as it stands, I’ll likely see about adding a little more Ravenwing via a Talon Master or maybe even a block of black knights. Before that though, I’ll get the Combat patrol box finished and hopefully some games in.

2 thoughts on “Dark Angel Pre-orders and my Collection so far.

    1. Cheers! I’m currently in the process of repainting a bunch of them to have a “Horus Heresy” style scheme. It’s taking a bit of time, hence why I’ve been a little quiet on the blog recently. 🙂

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