Jakkob Bugmansson XI

I’ve been looking forward to painting this miniature for a while and finally got round to working on it. After batch painting loads of troops over the last few months, it was refreshing to take my time and focus on painting a single character for a change. Here he is, my Jakkob Bugmansson XI.

Overall I’m quite happy with the end result however will admit the face isn’t quite right. Nit picking aside though, he’s ready for the table top and I think will make an excellent Aether Khemist stand in. (Beer themed Spell in a bottle?)

Well onto the next project! It looks like I’ll be finishing off the Legions of Nagash army next, focusing on getting Arkhan the Black and his two Morghast bodyguards painted. It may be a little time before my next hobby update as there is quite a bit of work to do, but I’m excited to crack on and get started.

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