Sammael on Corvex Kitbash

Today I want to show a kitbash I’ve been working on for Sammael, grand master of the Ravenwing. Though a little dated now, the official miniature still looks pretty good. Unfortunately it’s also Finecast resin… Yeah… (I’m still in mourning for my freeguild general.)

Thankfully it’s quite easy to kitbash your own miniature to represent this character and stay faithful to the original design of the character sculpt. Here is what I did after seeing a few images of other peoples conversions.

I wasn’t planning on making this character, however happened to have all the necessary components between my Adeptus Custodes and Dark Angels spares. If you want to make something similar, you will need the following:

  • 1No Adeptus Custodes Vertus praetor bike as well as the rider’s legs and left arm.
  • 1No Ravenwing upgrade sprue
  • 1No plasma cannon.

Once you have everything, simply build the Vertus Praetor as per the instructions until you get to the rider. At this point you will want to get your Ravenwing upgrade sprue for the torso, power pack, head, shoulder pads, sword arm and power pack armour decoration, (using the Custodes rider for the missing bits). If you are handy with green stuff, you could add more clothy bits such as Sammael’s billowing cloak. I’ve seen some people use the cape from the Adeptus Custodes guard box and even using the original cloak bit which looks fantastic if you can get it. Unfortunately I didn’t have a cape bit spare or Greenstuff readily available at the time and so decided to leave it off.

Moving onto the bike itself, remember to add the chained book and plasma cannon as these are quite iconic elements of the original mini. You will likely need to do a little tweaking with a hobby knife to get the plasma cannon to sit right, however it should fit underneath the chassis of the bike quite nicely with a little coaxing. Finally spruce the bike up as you see fit with the decorations from the raven wing upgrade sprue. I added a bunch of purity seals and some other miscellaneous decorations to the bike. Fancy!

When it comes to painting, try to stick with the colours of the original model.

Black can be tricky to paint however I’ve been using this method as described by Hobby Librarium in their youtube video- “Painting Black Armour In Six Easy Steps”. (Thanks for the tip guys!)

Using a series of Nuln oil washes and dry brushing, we get quite a nice highlighted effect and it’s really quick too! I’d recommend this to anyone whose not yet too comfortable painting and highlighting black, working without an airbrush or if you just want a table top finish quick. For the white sections I tend to start with a dark grey and work up to a lighter grey with a final quick drybrush of white over the top. I’ll be honest, my white painting skills are not the best but I think it looks ok here.

I seem to be passively collecting a small Ravenwing force and now it has a worthy character to lead the charge. (And I didn’t have to deal with Finecast!)

I’m quite happy with the result of the kitbash and am looking forward to seeing what Sammael can do on the table. (Fingers crossed he gets some love in the new dark angels codex.)

Happy Hunting!

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