Inquisitor challenge- Ordo Xenos

It’s been a fair bit of time in the works but I’ve finally finished my Inquisitor and retinue. This has been a project which has been at the forefront of my mind for the last few months and so it feels pretty great to finally cross the finish line. A few times I almost gave up to be honest, with other projects taking up hobby time and the challenge deadline looming, but it seems we made it after all!

I wanted to give my inquisitorial force a ragtag/hastily pulled together feel and so we have a fair mix of “Imperial soup”. Each element of the group has it’s own colour scheme as it makes sense the different members of the retinue would not have time to get matching uniforms. I’d also note the degree of conversion work ranges from none (See the Palantine Enforcer’s/ Arbites,) to complete kit bash (See the Deathwatch Space Marine).

Starting with the inquisitor himself, he is head of a squad of Inquisitional storm troopers. I wanted to step away from the standard red/black for my inquisitor and settled on silver/gold armour with dark green cloth elements. These where made with a Tempestus scions box and then kit bashed with various bits I had, including some Mechanicum heads and even a few bits from Age of Sigmar. (See the swordsman and the large scroll held by the inquisitor.)

I had a spare chaos cultist lying about and decided he looks a bit like a scavenger, he will do for a local guide under the inquisitor’s employ, (to navigate the areas infested with Genestealers). I made sure to remove all chaos iconography, (lest he be executed) and gave him an Imperial pack. After all, any self respecting inquisitor makes sure those under his/her employ are outfitted correctly!

Next we have the Arbites. A fairly recent kit from games workshop’s Necromunda and a game I fully intended to play, bought the miniatures for, but never actually got round to working on. Well this seemed like a good opportunity to make some progress. I did a little kit bashing on the sergeant, however kept the troops pretty standard. I did go with an inquisitorial black/ red on these guys with some detailing works in gold. This was inspired by the 2012 film “Dredd” (An excellent film and one which deserves more love than it gets,) which I was watching during one of my painting sessions.

The Deathwatch space marine is next. Essentially I had a bunch of space marine bits left over from my Dark Angels and other various projects. I also had a random Deathwatch arm holding a plasma pistol, so decided to chuck everything together. I’m fairly happy with the outcome and he certainly looks quite imposing standing next to all the standard human sized members of the retinue. Of course being a Dark Angels fan, I made him a member of the 1st legion. (Who better to hunt a monster?)

In terms of head cannon for the Space Marine, his squad has been ambushed and wiped out by the Broodlord and its Genestealer horde. Taking oaths of vengeance (see the mass amounts of purity seals etc), he has allied himself with the inquisitor’s party until the Broodlord lies dead.

Finally we have the Adeptus Mechanicum element to my inquisitorial party via a Tech Priest and servitors. I couldn’t find a mini I liked for the Tech Priest and so ended up splicing together a Tech Priest Dominous head with a random mechanicum servitor body I found on ebay. The head was a bit of a pain to fit and I had to do a number of alterations to get it to work. (Praise be to green stuff.)

 The servitors where originally part of the Chaplain Grimaldus & retinue set of the Black Templars. I bought the set off ebay years ago when I had an interest in the chapter, however this was another one of those projects which never really got off the ground. A bit of light kit bashing later and we have two Servitors of the Mechanicum for the tech priest to boss around. Perfect!

There is one final element to my inquisitorial party. I decided the only real way my inquisitor’s retinue would stand a chance against a vast swarm of Genestealers and its Broodlord overseer would be if they had a massive bloody bomb. I literally threw together whatever tech pieces I could find in my bits box which would look vaguely bombish. Then I stuck on an antena (which was originally a street light) and an imperial aquila for luck. This is what I came up with.

Between the nemesis (which let me scratch that Tyranid itch,) and my Ordo Xenos inquisitor force, this has been a fun little project. I’m looking forward to showing my friends at the club what I came up with and seeing what they came up with for the inquisitor challenge. It has to be said, I’m not 100% happy with the paint work on my retinue, in particular the look of the metallics. I’m quite interested in trying non-metallic metals in the future and have heard that a few of the contrast paints make excellent silvers and golds. This will no doubt be something to look into moving forward.

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