Inquisitor challenge- The Nemesis

Last year, my local gaming group decided to begin a hobby challenge to run over six months (during the lock down period). We where to create our own custom inquisitor and retinue, as well as a nemesis and their own followers. Upon completion, the miniatures would be judged and the best entry win a prize, courtesy of our friendly local gaming store. We would also then have a number of completed Kill teams, with which we could play skirmish games with once our local store re-opened.

I’ve since been progressing both my Inquisitor and Nemesis forces between my other projects. With only a couple weeks left, I am finally ready to begin showing my work, beginning with my Nemesis force.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Tyranids (blame films like Alien and Starship Troopers,) and so saw this challenge as an opportunity to dip my toe into the faction. I picked up a copy of their start collecting box, as well as their codex and an additional box of Genestealers. Removing the Trygon from the collection, this would serve as my nemesis force and hopefully a fairly effective Kill team.

Making good use of quick painting techniques such as dry brushing and contrast paints, I was able to batch paint the majority of the Genestealers quite rapidly. I also saw this an an opportunity to experiment with the new “Tesseract Glow” Technical paint, applying this over a coat of white to claws with an aim to create a toxic/ venomous look. On the Broodlord I went a bit further with the Tesseract Glow paint, mixing some with UHU glue and applying between the outstretched claws and teeth. Overall I’m quite pleased with the result though will note the glue strands are more opaque than I thought they would be. This is likely just down to adding too much paint to the UHU before applying.

I also wanted to experiment a bit with the “Ard Coat” gloss varnish and applied this to the carapaces. The aim to create a wet, slimy look when the light catches. (Similar to what we see in Alien.) I think this works quite nicely and have been having fun using the gloss varnish to pick out elements of my miniatures which should shine, instead of trying to artificially create a shining effect via adding white lines. (Such as to glass lenses and so on.)

Regarding the bases, these where created using the green stuff world “alien hive” rollers. I want to do a separate post about these and the process as there is a fair bit to discuss. On the whole though I’m pretty happy with the effect, going for a fleshy, alien, gory looking base. (As I imagine a Tyranid hive would look.)

Finally I wanted to note the colour scheme. Originally I intended to paint the Tyranids purple. (The purple I’ve been using on the Legions of Nagash army.) Due to it’s “unnatural” associations and use as an accent colour to represent black, I thought this would be an excellent choice. I painted up a test miniature and though it looked alright, decided to strip the miniature (using Biostrip 20) and instead settled on blue, which for some reason my brain seems to just be more drawn to.

I will note the shade of blue I ended up using was a bit lighter than I originally intended, picking up Talassar blue contrast paint where I should have probably used Ultramarines blue instead. At this point it’s too late to think about changing so Talassar blue it is.

So that’s my Nemesis completed. Overall I’m pretty happy with the result and pleased to have a Tyranid kill team which I’ll be able to bring to the table. (At some point this year with luck!) With the Nemesis out the way, I now need to crack on and get the Inquisitor/ retinue finished before the end of January.

The Ordo Xenos is coming!

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