Vampire lord on Zombie Dragon

“Many Vampire lords see undead dragons as the only mounts worthy to bear them into battle. Sitting astride these cadaverous monsters, they soar into the fray, hacking and slicing with wicked blades or splitting helpless victims upon their great lances. Those not slain by the Vampire rider are crushed and torn apart by its steed, or withered to nothing by the creature’s pestilential breath.”

 -Legions of Nagash Death Battletome

I’ve been excited to paint this model since we got the ebay haul and had a lot of fun working on it. After some tweaking last night, it’s finally ready to share with you guys and gals!

I used a mixture of contrast and regular citadel paints on the miniature, as well as Nuln oil on the wing webbing and Agrax Earthshade on the fleshy bits (Washes). The gore around the mouth was made by mixing a little citadel “Blood for the blood god” technical paint with UHU glue and applying with a tooth pick. I really like the gore effect, however I’m not 100% happy with the placement of gore around some sections of the mouth. The good thing about UHU glue is that it can be easily removed with a hobby knife and reapplied later. No worries!

I’m really happy with how the Vampire lord turned out. The Daughter of Khaine head doesn’t look out of place and though snug in the armour, this would be true of the default head too. I did have a bit of trouble with the vampire lord’s sword snapping. I’ve glued it back on and painted over but I am very conscious that this seems to be a weakness with the miniature and fully expect the sword to snap off again in the future when transporting. (One reason to always keep a pot of super glue with your minis.)

I made sure to add purple accents to the armour in the same shade as the rest of the army and darken down with a nuln wash, (in the same way I did on the black knights and skeleton warriors). This clear colour link should help provide a visual tie to the rest of the collection.

Basing is to follow and I think I will be leaning into the default rocky base via applying the additional jagged rocks which come with the sprue and using the astrogranite debris texture basing paint to add some dimension to the flat sections. I’ve also been thinking about cutting up one of my empire guard miniatures for the base. After all, the zombie dragon looks like it has just fed so this would make sense.

He never stood a chance…

om nom

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