Hobby updates going into December!

This last week has saw me bouncing between a bunch of different hobby projects however nothing which warranted a blog post of it’s own so I’ve decided to give an overall update and cover everything at once, including my hobby plans for December. The pull to work on some Warhammer 40k is strong!

Following on from my previous blog post where I showed off the two 500 point Age of Sigmar starter armies, I sent the pictures of the Legions of Nagash force to my girlfriend. Interestingly, she asked if I could tone down the purple which at the end of the last post, I noted I was undecided on. After a quick black wash and a little tidy up, the Legions of Nagash are now looking much more muted and I must say an improvement over the bright/ vibrant force they where previously!

After getting the purple down to a nice darker tone, I turned my attention to the unbuilt zombie dragon from the collection, feeling it was time to get this kit built. I’ve got to say it’s a fair bit bigger than I expected! A centre piece miniature in its own right for sure, this thing is a true monster and looks terrifying. With that said… I cannot wait to shell it into oblivion. (As all undead deserve!)

We decided to make the Vampire lord riding the zombie dragon female and I really wanted one of those Lady Vampire heads with the crazy Elizabethan hair doos. Sadly I couldn’t source one and after talking with the missus and weighing up our options, we settled on a Daughters of Khaine head. Though easily recognisable from the faction, I do like the way the head dress fits in with the heavy plate armour. I did need to stick a ball of greenstuff in the head socket as the neck was not long enough by default to fit the armour. With a little tweaking though I managed to make it work. I’m quite happy with the end result.

The zombie dragon got me thinking of my Cities of Sigmar list and my lack of maneuverability. I’ve already decided to use Tempest Eye as my city, which offers a few interesting buffs for movement, shooting and durability, however it also allows me to take Kharadron Overlord units in the list and I must say… Those ships look excellent!

Ok I already had a bunch of Kharadron overlord stuff… but this gives me an excuse to get them painted up and on the table. The plan will be to add a Gunhauler or two to my list, allowing the army the ability to quickly jump about the board, capture objectives and harass my opponent with more artillery. Got to love a good cannon. My Kharadron Overlords are now base coated and I’ll be working on these as and when the mood takes me.

I also got this chap because who doesn’t want a beer swilling dwarf with a keg on his back?


That pretty much closes out the Age of Sigmar stuff. Now onto the 40k!

At the start of lock down, my gaming group set up a hobby contest which got delayed around the release of Indomitus. Now we have all had a bit of time to digest the new releases, we have started to turn our attention back to the hobby contest and my competitive nature is demanding I get a move on with my entry.

The aim of the contest is to create an inquisitor and retinue as well as a nemesis and their force. The best entry will win a prize curtsey of our friendly local gaming store. We can convert freely however everything must look in universe. The deadline isn’t till February but after focusing on Age of Sigmar for the last month or so, diving back into some Sci-fi feels great. I’m excited to work on this project and even have my own narrative in mind regarding the two forces which is driving me forward. I’m hoping to finish my entry over December so expect the majority of my coming posts to centre around the Inquisitor project.

There is also a Dark Angels conversion project which I previously started but then shelved to work on the Age of Sigmar armies. This has been pulled out of storage and cued up for work. I wont reveal what it is right now as I think it will deserve its own post once I am focused on it. More info to follow…

I’m looking forward to a good few weeks working on my Inquisitor force, and I am excited to make some posts regarding some interesting products I’m using. Expect one such post shortly regarding a basing technique which though a little messy, is handy for any miniature wargaming system or even terrain building.

That’s it for now! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this hobby catch up.

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