Legions of Nagash & Cities of Sigmar 500 point army updates

Another busy week here progressing the two 500 point Age of Sigmar forces. It feels like I have finally broken the back of the project which is great because it was a little daunting at the start. I now have two 500 point forces for Age of Sigmar, table top ready for when my local gaming store opens and I have to say I am overjoyed. So what have I done since my last update?

Starting with my Cities of Sigmar force, I went through and picked out the detailing on the miniatures including some additional metallic highlights on the armour of the Greatswords and Cogsmith to get them shining. I also finished painting up my converted Freeguild General, going for a very shiny gold on the armour plate so he stands out from the crowd. It’s obvious who is in charge here!

Moving on to the rank and file, originally I was going to keep all my freeguild uniforms black and simply use red as an accent colour however I decided to quarter the uniforms with Mephiston red, to match the pattern of the old Nuln flag. It was time consuming and drove me a little mad in the process but I love the finished result. There is still quite a bit of work left to do on the hand gunners, however I fully believe that in an age of Sigmar or 40k army, it’s fine to have not every rank and file soldier panted to “Parade” standard. On saying that I will likely come back at a later date and work on these a bit more. For now however, they are ready for the table.

I do still have basing to do and will be aiming to get this completed before the models see play. For the Cities of Sigmar army, I’m thinking of going with a muddy/ grassy base. (Via Stirland mud texture paint and GW static grass.)

Onto the Legions of Nagash force, it has to be said I’ve spent most of my hobby time working on these guys but I love the result. I started by dry brushing all the bone areas with Screaming skull and making sure all the details had been picked out on each miniature, (such as belts and scabbards). Then I highlighted all the purple cloth areas with a lighter shade.

Once I was happy with the cloth bits I moved onto the metallics, firstly ensuring these had all been base coated and defined with leadbelcher. Once dry I began adding rust and decay via typhus corrosion and a dry brush of Ryza Rust. At this point I felt the rust effect was a bit too bright and having orange active rust next to shiny metallics didn’t quite give the ancient corroded look I wanted. I decided to wash over all the metallic areas with Agrax Earthshade. This really darkened the metals and made the weapons look like they had been rotting away for years. I finally did a quick dry brush of leadbelcher back over the metallics in order to pick out edges and details. I love how this rusting effect turned out and believe it really does give the force an ancient feel.

Looking over the miniatures I have half a mind to tone down the purple elements by adding additional washes over the top, however at the same time I also quite like how striking the purple is, especially when looked at from a distance. For basing, I’ve painted the detail on the resin bases and simply coated everything else black for now. I may also add mud and static grass to tie the two armies together, however I have a mind to instead give the Legions of Nagash force a dark/ rocky looking base via the Astrogranite Debris texture paint.

Arranging both forces for these pictures allowed me to take a step back and see the armies as they will be on the table top for the first time. I love how both forces are very distinct and easy to tell apart from a distance. I’m looking forward to presenting my girlfriend with her Legions of Nagash force and cannot wait to get rolling some dice!

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