Baldur’s Gate 3- 40 Hours later…

I’ve reached a point with Baldur’s Gate 3 where I can no longer progress. Not because I have seen everything or become bored, but because I’ve encountered a game breaking bug which means I cannot rest my party at camp. Knowing this was an early access game, I cannot be too upset, after all I knew what I was getting into. This knowledge doesn’t curb my disappointed at not being able to play on however, because what I have seen so far is so good.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is something truly special. Set in the D&D universe and faithfully translating the table top mechanics/ character build mechanics across, this game is on a whole new level compared to any RPG I’ve played before.  

Character customisation is incredible in this game and though we don’t yet have all of the classes from D&D 5th edition, I understand more are on their way. (I can’t wait to recreate my Dwarf Barbarian in game.)

What really impressed me is that many times during my play through I was given unique dialogue options based on my race and class. Having the option to bring your character’s expertise to bare in tough situations was a fantastic touch, adding to the games re-playability and though this sort of thing has been seen in many games before, the scale of options here is on another level.

It’s not just a few additional dialogue options however. I’ve found many of the quests, especially from the main quest line allow for a number of different solutions. I’m used to seeing a handful of options in R.P.G games, but where we normally get a linear story with a few branching paths, Larian have in many cases given us a web of options to navigate down and while one particular solution may seem like the obvious choice, there are often additional ways to solve a dilemma. The druid grove ritual arc is a perfect example of this and though I don’t want to spoil anything as it is a key story arc for Act 1, I’ve seen at least 5 ways to resolve this quest. (And that was without seeking all the options.)

I’d say choice is a key component for any good RPG and this game has choice in spades. If you are a fan of D&D and possibly looking for a game to fill in before the release of Cyberpunk, this is a great option. Just understand that this is an unfinished project and like myself, you may encounter some game breaking bugs which force you to stop playing before you have had your fill.

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