Warhammer 40k- Dark Angels Judiciar

“Sworn to silence, Judiciars do not preach aloud, but instead their deeds are a litany of fury. Wielding a tempormortis in one hand and an immense blade in the other, they must prove their worth in battle to join the chaplaincy proper, doing so through acts of devotion and the slaying of enemies.”

Space Marine 9th edition codex

I’ve just finished working on the Judiciar from my Indomitus box (basing outstanding) and wanted to make a post talking about the miniature and how mine turned out. I remember when I first saw this miniature announced earlier in the year, I loved almost everything about it. There is a sense of epicness surrounding this model and I’d argue though not as iconic, design wise he sits in a similar ballpark to that of the Emperor’s champion.

Aside from rocking that Gothic aesthetic which I adore 40k for, the character is wielding an Executoner’s sword. This is a design of sword which actually existed and was used to carrying out executions via beheadings during the 17th century in Europe. Note the lack of a point to the blade profile. This increases the mass of the weapon while moving the point of balance further away from the hand. The result is a sword which has been optimised for chopping. As this mini seems to be designed to hunt down enemy characters, thematically this is perfect. It’s worth pointing out that this design of sword was not used for warfare in the real world, being a tool for carrying out an execution. However when discussing Warhammer, realism is already way out the window. Overall a lovely touch which made me geek out a fair bit when I saw it.

The “egg timer” or tempormortis as G.W. call it is also suitably gothic in design. Held outstretched, it seems that the miniature is showing the enemy that their time is up, and they are about to die. I did struggle a bit when trying to decide how to paint the glass elements of the egg timer. In the end I painted in the sand using a beige colour and layered darker and darker shades as I got higher on the section (Adding a little black to the original colour on my pallet each time). Once dry, a layer of gloss varnish (Citadel Ardcoat in this case,) was put over all the glass sections. This produces a really nice shine over the glass areas and saved me trying to add white highlights to try to convey reflections. After all, why try to mimic a natural reflection effect if we can simply achieve it?  

The default head is the main point in which I feel the design of the model falls just short of true greatness. I had a bunch of hooded head options left over from my Deathwing terminator box and much preferred these for this miniature. Hoods scream out Dark Angels and so tie the mini firmly into my chosen Astartes chapter. Furthermore, as the mini is already wearing a robe, introducing a hooded head looks quite natural.

For colours I chose to keep the main armour sections black as this is consistent with Astartes chaplains. I went with a dark green for all the robes to match the Bladeguard Veterans though I did consider going with a dark beige robe. I’m happy with how the green turned out however and now believe a beige would have been too bright. Finally I painted the pauldron the same green as my rank and file dark angels, adding the chapter logo via a transfer from the Indomitus box.

The Judiciar is an elite option and when combined with the Bladeguard Veterans and Bladeguard Ancient give the 3no core choices for a Vanguard detachment. As well as hitting like a truck and dishing out mortal wounds on wound rolls of 6, the Tempormortis ability means whoever is fighting against this miniature will only get to fight after everything in my army has. Overall, a great mini and some nice rules mean this guy will certainly be seeing play once tables reopen at my local club.

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