Working on my Deathwing Bladeguard

I’ve been taking a break from the Age of Sigmar projects these last few days to work on the Bladeguard miniatures from the Indomitus box. Though I still have basing to do, I think I’m at a stage where I can share my progress and general thoughts from building and painting the miniatures.

First things first, as I collect Dark Angels my Bladeguard gain the Deathwing key word being part of the first company. This means for painting purposes, they need to be in the bone white of the Deathwing.

Now while the models look great to my eye, I’ve noticed there is a bit of a chalky texture on my miniatures from the photographs. I’m still quite new to painting this colour scheme and though I did thin my paints before applying, I understand thinning further in future and applying more coats should eliminate the issue. On the whole however I’m not too bothered by this as its not that noticeable when looking at the models in person.

I made a few alterations to the Bladeguard ancient when building it. I wasn’t too happy with the banner design nor the head on the default miniature (which just looks bored/ annoyed,) and instead wanted to add some elements which more closely tie the unit into the Dark Angels chapter. To achieve this, I took a hooded head and the banner from the Deathwing Terminators box and used these instead of the options which where included with the Bladeguard ancient. I’m over the moon with how this very simple conversion turned out and love how the hood ties in with the other cloth/ robed elements on the miniature. I also much prefer the iconic Deathwing banner over the corpse relic/ fetish of the default standard which to me looks a bit silly. What’s more, due to the raised detailed elements on the Deathwing banner, the design was quite simple and quick to paint. The only part of the miniature I’m not too fond of is the chained hand (relic thingy) and would much prefer if the miniature came holding its heavy bolt pistol instead. I suppose this could be converted but at the time of building, I decided against this due to the design of the overlapping vambraces, which would be damaged if I had removed the hand. The “hand relic” does look a bit out of place without the default banner, but it does provide opportunity for a “high five” joke when the model sees play. Silver linings.

I had considered using the other spare hooded heads from the Deathwing terminator box for the remaining Bladeguard veteran squad. On further thought however I decided to stick with the default helmets as they look quite knightly which works perfectly with the Dark Angel’s theme.

I also decided to paint the background of my shields black instead of red (as shown on Games Workshop’s Deathwing Bladeguard). This is mainly down to my own personal preference. While I understand that red weapon casings are the official stance for the Dark Angels, it just looks a little “Christmassy” to me. (The contrasting colours clash too much.) With this in mind, I tend to paint my Dark Angel weapon casings black and so decided on black shields too.

Those of you who also got a copy of the Indomitus box may have noticed I have included the Primaris lieutenant in with the Bladeguard. I did this for two reasons. Firstly I don’t need another Primaris lieutenant. No one does. Secondly the miniature has the exact weapon load out of a Bladeguard Veteran so would make sense to bolster the unit to 4no. Though the miniature does fit in with the Bladeguard it has a more unique pose, aiming its Neo-volkite pistol. As it stands out from a distance, I decided it would serve best as the unit’s Bladeguard Sergeant.

I’m currently painting up my Judiciar which did end up getting one of the Deathwing knight hooded heads. (I’ll do a separate post once he is completed.) Combined with the Bladeguard Ancient and Bladeguard Veterans we have the 3no elite unit choices for a vanguard detachment. What’s more, as we have a total of 6 miniatures, these will all nicely fit into an Impulsor which could taxi the group to where they need to go. (Be that onto an objective or into the opponents face.) It may not be optimal, but my local meta isn’t competitive and so the rule of cool can override.

Overall I really love these minis and think they fit in with the Dark Angels chapter perfectly. The knightly aesthetic is spot on! The only downside is I now want to buy an Impulsor… I guess this is why they call it plastic crack…

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