Legions of Nagash- Halloween Update

As it’s Halloween today, it seems fitting to post an update on the Legions of Nagash ebay rescue project. I’ve made a bit of hobby progress since my previous update and though it’s a grim, rainy day here, I’ve taken some photos of the units I’ve been working on. Please note everything shown in this post is unfinished, though after getting base colours down and some washes, we can see the aesthetic direction the force is moving towards.

I’ve previously noted that the current goal is to prioritise a 500 point beginner army list and get this painted to table top standard. (The remaining miniatures in the collection to be painted as we increase point levels played at.) As this force is being made for my partner to play, when writing the list we discussed options and I gave her the final say over what choices she wanted. With that said here is what we came up with.

The Army List:

Allegiance: Legion of Sacrament – Mortal Realm: Shyish


Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (120)

– General – Command Trait: Peerless Commander – Artefact: Wristbands of Black Gold


20 x Skeleton Warriors (160)

– Ancient Spears

10 x Skeleton Warriors (80)

– Ancient Blades

5 x Black Knights (120)

TOTAL: 480/500 WOUNDS: 45

Starting with the allegiance choice we settled on the legion of sacrament. As in the lore this is the legion commanded by Arkhan the Black, it seemed a fitting choice (we have Arkhan in the collection and he will eventually be used). We didn’t only settle on this legion for fluff reasons however.

Battle traits for this allegiance allow units with the “Summonable” key word to essentially deep strike in selected areas of the battlefield while also healing/ regenerating when in range of these areas. As all of our units have the “Summonable” key word, we have a nice amount of tactical flexibility in deciding which will enter the battlefield in this way. The core units in the list are also quite slow and so this ability to slingshot units into position should hopefully help mitigate some of the mobility issues.

I love the mental image of an unstoppable tide of skeletons rising from their graves to join a battle and if done correctly could mean big trouble for my handgunners in the Cities of Sigmar list. This ability to raise the dead and keep them coming is further enhanced by the chosen command trait for the Wight King. We went with Peerless Commander which enhances the range of the summon ability from the default 9”to 12”. As our Wight King is on foot, the greater range should mean we are able to get this ability off sooner and before my marksmen can pick him off. However to defend against this, we chose to equip the Wight King with the Wristbands of Black Gold (Artefact), meaning on a roll of 4+, wounds & mortal wounds taken in the shooting phase are ignored.

The Wight king offers some further healing/ regeneration utility to units with the “Summonable” key word via the ability Deathly Invocation, which allows up to 2 different units within 6” to heal. The synergies continue however with his built in command ability “Lord of Bones”, which can give +1 attack to a “Deathrattle” unit’s melee weapons. Used on the 20 man block of skeleton warriors with spears, this would buff them to a massive 61 attacks. Overall the Wight King seems the perfect Leader choice for this list , offering a great amount of synergy and tactical trickery which should leave my cities list running for the hills.

With our battleline choices filled by the skeleton warriors, we had just enough points left over to add a 5 man unit of black knights. As well as having the “Summonable” and “Deathrattle” keywords to maintain synergies, these guys should provide some much needed mobility to the force. (Plus I think the unit looks pretty awesome.)

That is pretty much the crux of the list and my hobby progress so far. As you can see from the images, I’ve still a ways to go with painting but I’m very pleased with the progress and direction of the project. On the todo list we need to drybrush the bone areas to add some highlights, pick out details, add rust to the metallic areas and some highlights to fabric areas. We also still need to decide on a basing scheme, working around the resin bases which where supplied with the army.

So far this force has been a joy to work on. I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished miniatures and cannot wait to face them on the tabletop.

Happy Halloween!

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