A.O.S- Kitbashing a new Freeguild General

I took a break from working on the Legions of Nagash project last night to turn my attention back to my cities of Sigmar force. Currently all models are primed and I have a rough 500 point list in mind. There was one glaring hole with the collection however. I was leaderless.

After the Biostrip 20 incident which destroyed my Finecast freeguild general, I needed to find a replacement. My first instinct was to see if I could order a new one, however the miniature was out of stock on the Games Workshop site and the alternative stores I frequent didn’t have the miniature listed. Knowing it may be some time before the official miniature is back in stock with GW, an alternative solution would be required. I had a look about for a 3rd party miniature however couldn’t find anything which I liked the look of. In the end, I decided to simply kitbash a general.

Here is what I ended up with:

The miniature description from the Cities of Sigmar battletome states: “A Freeguild General is a single model armed with a Zweihander.” A simple enough set of guide lines then…

While the default aesthetic for a freeguild general seems to be that of a landsknecht soldier, I wanted to give my miniature a bit more armour as he will be getting stuck in alongside my greatswords. The head was leftover from my demigryph knights box. I really like the sallet helmet design and though this looks more knightly, I think the plumes really help tie the miniature back to the default theme.

The torso and legs where already assembled on a freeguild guard miniature however I wanted to use this breastplate to make sure my general looked more armoured than the regular rank and file. I was able to remove the existing head and arms with my hobby knife and clean up the connection points for the alternative components.

The new arms and two handed sword came from a different freeguild guard miniature and though I feel I should have used a Zweihander from the greatswords kit, I didn’t have the correct left arm which would be required as the sword hilts from the greatswords are in two parts. (Half per hand.) I may still swap out the sword for one from the greatswords box (replacing the section from quillons to point of blade,) however for now, the sword from the Freeguild guard box meets with description requirements.

Lastly, I wanted to give my freeguild general a hold out weapon in the hypothetical situation where the two handed sword was lost during a melee. The shortsword on his hip came from the Greatswords kit and I feel adds a nice touch to the model while having a practical reason for being present.

Overall I’m quite happy with how this simple kitbash turned out. Using the sallet helmet from the demigryph box really does make the model stand out from the crowd and I think painting the armour gold (where the rest have a silver/steel armour) will put further emphasis that this miniature represents the leader of my Cities of Sigmar force. There is still a bit of clean up to do on the model such as removing mould lines but it wont be long before I get it primed and my general can join his troops.

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