Legions of Nagash- An ebay rescue project.

Photo from the ebay listing

This project pretty much came out of nowhere and I’ve spent the best part of my week off work tinkering, building, planning and painting. Before we begin, a bit of back story…

My girlfriend is a big fan of the total war series. When Warhammer total war came out a few years ago she played through the campaign, settling on Vampire Counts as her faction of choice. She seemed to really enjoy the game and I think the introduction of monsters and magic into the total war format really caught her imagination. What’s more, when Warhammer total war 2 came out offering the grand campaign mode, she started a new game and again conquered the old world with her undead hordes. Wanting to know more about her faction, she bought a few of the lore books and read them in quick succession. Since I’ve been getting into Age of Sigmar a bit more with building my Cities of sigmar force, (updates coming soon,) she’s been showing interest in the Legions of Nagash faction (the new vampire counts) wanting to know a bit more of their story within the new A.O.S setting.

Last weekend on a whim, I had a look to see if there where any legions of Nagash armies being sold on ebay and found a very promising collection of miniatures. I linked the collection to my girlfriend and asked if she would be interested in trying the tabletop game. She said yes and I bought the army.

The listing:

1 x Arkhan built & on resin base

1 x Wight King built on resin base

5 x black knights built & on resin bases

5 x black knights built and painted on resin bases

2 x morghasts built on resin bases

10 x skeletons built on resin bases

10 x Grave Guard built on resin bases

2 x boxes of skeleton warriors unbuilt and in box

1 x terrorghiest/zombie dragon unbuilt and in box

The army arrived promptly and I got to work reviewing what had been received and the state of the miniatures. Starting from the top!

The Arkhan miniature was ready assembled but missing the reigns for the mount. This didn’t bother me too much as the miniature still looked great as it was. What did bother me however was the model had been glued off centre on it’s base and was leaning way over one side. As a result I spent a few hours carefully removing the miniature from the resin base, re-centring and glueing down. The reason this took so long was because the resin base, though beautiful, just would not take to the super glue I was using. It did eventually stick solid but this took quite a bit of coaxing. (Praise be to Netflix for hobby time entertainment!) Regardless, it was worth it to have Arkhan sitting centre on his base.

Similarly some of the black knights where not quite central on their bases due to awkwardly placed resin features. I re-centred as much as possible though some miniatures such as the horn blower are still not quite standing correctly. I may swap back to standard GW bases where there is an issue however I’ve not yet fully committed to this idea.

One of the unit’s of black knights did arrive painted and I was tempted at first to use the leftover Biostrip 20 to get them back to bare plastic. Looking over the miniatures in person however, the existing paint layer looked thin and didn’t obscure detail. It’s also worth noting I didn’t like the idea of getting Biostrip on the fancy resin bases after the fate of my old finecast freeguild general. (See my post on Biostrip 20.) In the end I settled on priming over the existing paint.

Getting to the Morghasts, the blades of the weapons had snapped off during delivery. This was a quick fix with a bit of super glue. As for the remaining built skeletons and grave guard, these arrived in one piece but some of the miniatures had been glued together looking incredibly hunched. This made them look like they where falling forward in some cases. For the worse offenders, I snapped the torsos off the legs and straightened them out as best I could, making the skeletons look like they are advancing and not just falling over. Overall this process was quite successful and though I’m still not 100% happy with the poses of the grave guard, they are much better than they originally where.

A primed greatswordsman next to 2no Morghasts… These guys are monsters!

With modelling corrections and repairs out the way. I turned my attention to the unbuilt units. Upon opening the skeleton warriors, I discovered one of the boxes was missing the bases. This was a bit annoying but at least we weren’t missing a sprue. I was able to quickly order a new pack of 25mm bases so this didn’t really cause any delays.

At this point we had some choices to make regarding the skeletons. The built warriors had been assembled with a sword and board configuration (but without banner or horn blower) and we had the potential to make 2 additional units of 10 warriors which could be sword and board or spear and shield. We decided instead to build the two boxes of skeleton warriors as a squad of 20 with spears and shields. I added in one banner and horn blower into this 20 man unit, leaving us with a spare banner and horn which I then added to the ready built skeletons, giving us the required 2no battleline units for small point games.

With everything save the zombie dragon built, I prepared the miniatures for priming. Another stroke of luck here as I already had a half used can of wraithbone which had been previously used to paint up some deathwing knights. This proved just enough and I was able to get everything primed.

With the miniatures primed, the next step will be painting. As I’m not only working on this Legion’s of Nagash force but also my own cities of sigmar force, we have decided to create some 500 point beginner armies out of our collections, (of which I’ll prioritise painting up first). I’m really looking forward to working on these forces and will be utilising Citadel contrast over the wraithbone base coat to get the Legions of Nagash army battle ready as quickly as possible. Overall I’m very pleased with how this force is turning out and cannot wait to see them charging across the table once fully painted.

Zombie dragon coming soon…

The Legions of Nagash, Primed and ready!

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