I am a Wargamer

Dark Angel Hellblasters Squad

Welcome to my Blog! My name is Ben Davies and I am a wargamer. I got started in the hobby when I was a kid, coming across Game Workshop’s “Lord of the Rings Battle Games in Middle earth” magazine. It was a weekly publication that came with miniatures, paints and rules for how to play the lord of the rings table top game. Having recently seen “The Fellowship of the Ring”, I was instantly hooked and though I didn’t end up completing the full set as my local news agents stopped stocking it, I had a great time collecting, painting and playing.

A few years later in high school, my friends told me about this thing called Warhammer 40k by the same company who made that magazine I used to collect. I jumped in and bought a space marine tactical box which I lovingly painted to completion in an ultramarines scheme to match the box art. My smurfs saw combat in a few games at our school’s club though only at skirmish level and though I loved the miniatures and playing with friends, couldn’t really afford to collect an army. I ended up eventually buying some chaos miniatures from e-bay which I repainted before eventually dropping off the hobby again due to lack of funds and diminishing interest.

Fast forward many years later and I’m now an adult working my first job post university. During a clear out I came across a box containing all my old warhammer miniatures. Finding the models rekindled my interest and I decided I would just dive into the black library stories surrounding my old chaos miniatures. No harm in reading a few books right?

It wasn’t long till I was stripping my old miniatures with dettol and buying new kits to make up a World eaters army. The “fluff” (stories) had caught me hook, line, and sinker and I was along for the ride. I fully painted and based my world eaters and decided once completed to look for a local games club to find some people to play with.

Though I found a club, not many people there where interested in Games Workshop games. This was during a period where the relationship between Games Workshop and the fanbase was pretty hostile and it seemed most people who used to be fans had turned away, looking to other games in protest.

Though we didn’t play 40k, I ended up sticking with the gaming club as they where a great bunch of people. They introduced me to D&D/ pathfinder and a host of other games including Warmachine and X-wing. I continued to explore the Warhammer 40k universe on my own, reading the Horus Heresy series and as much lore surrounding my World Eaters as possible.

It was around this time Warhammer Fantasy caught my eye. As much as I loved the grimdark sci-fi world of 40k, I was starting to get a little burnt out and the prospect of a fantasy world to explore was very attractive. Unfortunately this was at the point when GW decided to blow up the old world. I was gutted.  

The following few years saw a huge swing in the way GW and it’s fan base interacted, with GW seemingly changing their ways and winning back large groups of its player base though acts of community outreach and goodwill. There was a flurry of new 40k releases and Age of Sigmar went from being a game universally hated to gradually being accepted. What’s more, the other members of my local games club where beginning to come around and dust off their old miniature collections.

So where are we now? Well it’s 2020… that means we are all stuck indoors with the Coronavirus pandemic running rampant. It’s been a strange year, with not much else to do aside from work from home and sit around the house. On the upside, it has meant myself and my gaming club have been working through our painting backlog and starting new projects. I got rid of my chaos space marine collection and used the money to get a Dark Angel force which has been an ongoing labour of love, taking me back to that very first tactical box I bought in high school. I’ve also completed a small custodes force which I ended up stripping and repainting a few times until I setted on a dread host scheme.

Which brings me onto this blog. I’ve decided I would like to produce some 40k/ AOS content and document my journey through the hobby. Hopefully once the pandemic lock down eases, I’ll be able to get some games in and write up some battle reports.

I’ve a couple side projects including some Tyranids and a rather large Age of sigmar project which I am currently in the planning stages of. More on these to come.

So that’s been my journey so far and where things currently stand. I’m may not be the greatest painter in the world, nor a top tier tournament gamer but I love the hobby and I am excited to share my progress with you.

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